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DL Aldrich was deceased 12 October 2004.  May him and his victim rest in peace.

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 By Donald L. Aldrich
September 2004

" The Tri-Cross "

The Tri-Cross is a representation of the Holy Trinity, which I did not design, but God did through me. In the Trinity it is God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. Three separate persons, yet one God. The Tri-Cross is three separate crosses yet one cross, each of which represents one of the Trinity.

The Purple Cross represents God. In olden times, purple was reserved for royalty such as kings and queens. And God the Father being the Most High King, it is only fitting that His cross is purple. His cross is also centered as God the Father is the center of all, and never changing.

The Red Cross represents Jesus Christ for the blood He shed for our sins. Facing God the Father our left is God’s right, and Jesus sits at God’s right hand. Also a son is below his father, so this cross is positioned this way in the Tri-Cross.

The Blue Cross represents the Holy Spirit. This is for two reasons I can think of, as I did not pick the colors used in the Tri-Cross. The first is if God the Father put Himself into both Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and Jesus is represented in red, then the Holy Spirit must be in blue.  Why you ask? You mix red and blue to get purple.  The second reason I can think of is, when we think of a ghost or a spirit we think of something transparent. One thing on this Earth everyone knows like this is water, and on a map water is seen as blue. Also we are baptized in water to receive the gift of Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was the last to come and comes from up high, so is positioned as is in the Tri-Cross.

As you see a cross for each in the Trinity, yet one cross as they are all three joined at the corners by what I call God’s Love for us. Three separate, yet one cross.

This is not a trick question, but which cross do you see in the front, the red or the blue? A nice aspect of the Tri-Cross is these two crosses appear to jump back and forth, which is an illusion possible due to the gold spots in the Tri-Cross. Here is how I see it, if you see the Red Cross in the front, Christ is interceding for you something on your behalf. If you see the Blue Cross up front then you are in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. The Purple Cross stays in the center, as God is center of all. He’s never changing; He’s always the same. The illusion of the two cross jumping back and forth is a reminder that it’s not just one person of the Trinity alone who was crucified, and working alone for the salvation of souls, but all three persons of the Trinity who were crucified as one, and working together as a team to save my soul. (John 14:9-17)

I pointed out earlier the illusion of the Tri-Cross is possible due to the gold points in the Tri-Cross where each cross intersects. An interesting thing about this is the gold points fall into groups of three, and it was three nails that held Christ to the cross.

Now using points in the Tri-Cross, I will show you the number of books in both Catholic and Protestant Bibles, as well as both Old and New Testaments. First there are 66 books in the Protestant Bible, to show you these I need to point out that cross has 12 corners on it. Looking at the Tri-Cross, you, in a sense have 4 crosses, 3 separate crosses, yet 1 big cross . Now if you take the corners of all 4 of these crosses, and add the 18 gold points;     12x4=48+18=66. The number of books in the Protestant Bible. For the Old Testament which has 39 bocks you take the corners of 3 separate crosses, and add the 3 crosses to it; 12x3=36+3=39. Now for the New Testament in both Catholic and Protestant Bibles which hag 27 books we look at it a differently. It is God’s Love for us that He sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins, and then the Holy Spirit to both comfort, and counsel us. So at all 12 corners He reaches out in both directions. So you add all 12 corners twice for a total  of 24 plus the 3 crosses, and you get 27.

The Catholic Bible has 73 books, for these we take the 3 crosses which have corners, and 12 sides. Added together you get 72; 12x3=36x2=72. The Tri-Cross being 1 big cross you add that to this and you get 73 the number of books in the Catholic Bible. For the Old Testament and the 46 books, we have to look at the Tri-Cross a couple ways we already have. First taking the 12 corners of God’s Love added twice; 12x2=24, plus the 18 gold points; 24+18=42. As stated earlier looking at the Tri-cross, you, in a sense have 4 crosses, 3 separate crosses, yet l  big cross. Add these 4 crosses to 42;42+4=46, the number of books in the Old Testament of the Catholic Bible.

The Tri-Cross has 12 corners, and an interesting thing about having 12 corners and having three crosses in the Tri-Cross is each in the Trinity has something to do with the number 12. God the Father has 12 tribes of Israel. Jesus Christ had 12 disciples, and the Holy Spirit first fell on the 12 apostles on the Day of Pentecost, (Acts 2:1-6.) They picked Matthias the day before to replace Judas, (Acts 1:24-26.)

My original design was for across-stitched Tri-Cross bookmarker. Under the Tri-Cross I put  II Cor.13:14, as it speaks of the Trinity which the Tri-Cross represents, and this verse is a blessing. II Cor.13:14 reads. ”May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” As Christians living under the New Testament, we live under the grace of Christ, the Love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Not only does this verse describe the New Testament, but if you add the verse and the chapter together 14+13=27 which is the number of books in the New Testament.            ‘

For this part you need to look at the picture of all of my markers, arid 1111 show you the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of’ Christ in the Tri-Cross. On the marker the Tri-Cross is on the upper part with the verse below it. The Tri-Cross touches the border in three places, top and both sides, going a little over half way to the bottom from the top. Now Jesus Christ was 30 years old when he started his ministry. For his age here we take the corners of the red cross and add the 18 gold points; 12+18=30. An interesting thing about starting with the corners of the red cross is the first time Jesus Christ spoke out and taught in the temple in Jerusalem; he was 12 years old, (Luke 2:41-50). His public ministry lasted about 3 & 1/2, years or so, and the Tri-Cross touches the border in 3 places, going slightly over half way to the bottom from the top, say for 3 & 1/2 or just over, the length of Jesus Christ's ministry. He died on a cross, the big one, and rose on the 3rd day; a cross for each day, and he left the grave empty, so I leave the cross empty now also, where I use to fill it in.

Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you always.

In Christ Jesus,

God Bless,  

Donald L. Aldrich - Prisoner #999113 

Executed by Texas 12 October 2004

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